Represents a skeleton used to play animations.



looping: boolean = true

Determines whether skeleton is looping its animation.



  • Progresses the animation assigned to the specified skeleton by the supplied time delta. If the delta takes the animation passed its end point, if the skeleton is set to loop, the animation will continue from the beginning. Otherwise, the animation's current time will remain at its duration (i.e. the end).


    • delta: number

      The time in seconds to progress the skeleton's animation.

    Returns void

  • Blends two skeletons together.


    • skel1: Skeleton

      Skeleton holding the first pose to be blended.

    • skel2: Skeleton

      Skeleton holding the second pose to be blended.

    • alpha: number

      The value controlling the interpolation in relation to the two input skeletons. The value is in the range 0 to 1, 0 generating skel1, 1 generating skel2 and anything in between generating a spherical interpolation between the two.

    Returns void

  • Links a skeleton to a node hierarchy. The nodes animated skeleton are then subsequently used to drive the local transformation matrices of the node hierarchy.


    • graph: GraphNode

      The root node of the graph that the skeleton is to drive.

    Returns void

  • Synchronizes the currently linked node hierarchy with the current state of the skeleton. Internally, this function converts the interpolated keyframe at each node in the skeleton into the local transformation matrix at each corresponding node in the linked node hierarchy.

    Returns void