AppOptions is an object that holds configuration settings utilized in the creation of AppBase. It allows functionality to be included or excluded from the AppBase instance.


assetPrefix: string

Prefix to apply to asset urls before loading.

batchManager: typeof BatchManager

The BatchManager.

componentSystems: typeof ComponentSystem[] = []

The component systems the app requires.

elementInput: ElementInput

Input handler for ElementComponents.

gamepads: GamePads

Gamepad handler for input.

graphicsDevice: GraphicsDevice

The graphics device.

keyboard: Keyboard

Keyboard handler for input.

lightmapper: typeof Lightmapper

The lightmapper.

mouse: Mouse

Mouse handler for input.

resourceHandlers: typeof ResourceHandler[] = []

The resource handlers the app requires.

scriptPrefix: string

Prefix to apply to script urls before loading.

scriptsOrder: string[]

Scripts in order of loading first.

soundManager: SoundManager

The sound manager

TouchDevice handler for input.

xr: typeof XrManager

The XrManager.