A procedural plane-shaped geometry.

The size and tesselation properties of the plane can be controlled via constructor parameters. By default, the function will create a plane centered on the object space origin with a width and length of 1.0 and 5 segments in either axis (50 triangles). The normal vector of the plane is aligned along the positive Y axis.

Note that the plane is created with UVs in the range of 0 to 1.

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  • Create a new PlaneGeometry instance.


    • Optionalopts: {
          calculateTangents: boolean;
          halfExtents: Vec2;
          lengthSegments: number;
          widthSegments: number;
      } = {}

      An object that specifies optional inputs for the function as follows:

      • calculateTangents: boolean

        Generate tangent information (defaults to false).

      • halfExtents: Vec2

        The half dimensions of the plane in the X and Z axes (defaults to [0.5, 0.5]).

      • lengthSegments: number

        The number of divisions along the Z axis of the plane (defaults to 5).

      • widthSegments: number

        The number of divisions along the X axis of the plane (defaults to 5).

    Returns PlaneGeometry


blendIndices: number[]

Blend indices.

blendWeights: number[]

Blend weights.

colors: number[]