Oriented Box.


  • Create a new OrientedBox instance.


    • OptionalworldTransform: Mat4 = ...

      Transform that has the orientation and position of the box. Scale is assumed to be one.

    • OptionalhalfExtents: Vec3 = ...

      Half the distance across the box in each local axis. The constructor takes a reference of this parameter.

    Returns OrientedBox



  • Test if a Bounding Sphere is overlapping, enveloping, or inside this OBB.


    Returns boolean

    True if the Bounding Sphere is overlapping, enveloping or inside this OBB and false otherwise.

  • Test if a ray intersects with the OBB.


    • ray: Ray

      Ray to test against (direction must be normalized).

    • Optionalpoint: Vec3

      If there is an intersection, the intersection point will be copied into here.

    Returns boolean

    True if there is an intersection.