The standard material options define a set of options used to control the shader frontend shader generation, such as textures, tints and multipliers.


ambientTint: boolean = false
clearCoatGlossInvert: boolean = false

Invert the clearcoat gloss channel.

diffuseTint: boolean = false

Defines if StandardMaterial#diffuse constant should affect diffuse color.

emissiveTint: boolean = false

Defines if StandardMaterial#emissive constant should affect emissive color.

forceUv1: boolean = false

If UV1 (second set of texture coordinates) is required in the shader. Will be declared as "vUv1" and passed to the fragment shader.

glossInvert: boolean = false

Invert the gloss channel.

glossTint: boolean = false

Defines if StandardMaterial#gloss constant should affect glossiness value.

litOptions: LitShaderOptions = ...

Storage for the options for lit the shader and material.

metalnessTint: boolean = false

Defines if StandardMaterial#metalness constant should affect metalness value.

opacityTint: boolean = false

Defines if StandardMaterial#opacity constant should affect opacity value.

packedNormal: boolean = false

If normal map contains X in RGB, Y in Alpha, and Z must be reconstructed.

sheenGlossInvert: boolean = false

Invert the sheen gloss channel.

specularTint: boolean = false

Defines if StandardMaterial#specular constant should affect specular color.