• This function reprojects textures between cubemap, equirectangular and octahedral formats. The function can read and write textures with pixel data in RGBE, RGBM, linear and sRGB formats. When specularPower is specified it will perform a phong-weighted convolution of the source (for generating a gloss maps).


    • source: Texture

      The source texture.

    • target: Texture

      The target texture.

    • Optional options: {
          distribution: string;
          face: number;
          numSamples: number;
          rect: Vec4;
          seamPixels: number;
          specularPower: number;
      } = {}

      The options object.

      • distribution: string

        Specify convolution distribution - 'none', 'lambert', 'phong', 'ggx'. Default depends on specularPower.

      • face: number

        Optional cubemap face to update (default is update all faces).

      • numSamples: number

        Optional number of samples (default is 1024).

      • rect: Vec4

        Optional viewport rectangle.

      • seamPixels: number

        Optional number of seam pixels to render

      • specularPower: number

        Optional specular power. When specular power is specified, the source is convolved by a phong-weighted kernel raised to the specified power. Otherwise the function performs a standard resample.

    • Rest ...args: any

    Returns boolean

    True if the reprojection was applied and false otherwise (e.g. if rect is empty)