Global variables


accessToken: string

The user's access token

clipboard: Clipboard

The main clipboard

hasLegacyScripts: boolean

Whether this project is using legacy scripts

jobs: Jobs

The jobs API

messenger: Messenger

The messenger API

realtime: Realtime

The realtime API


assets: Assets

The assets API

branchId: string

The current branch id

entities: Entities

The entities API

history: History

The history API

projectId: number

The current project id

schema: Schema

The schema API

selection: Selection

The selection API

settings: Settings

The settings API

  • Alert function called when user confirmation is needed for an action. Defaults to the default browser popup but can be overridden to show your custom popup instead.


    • text: string

      The confirm dialog text

    • options: {
          noDismiss: boolean;
          noText: string;
          yesText: string;
      } = {}

      Options for the popup

      • noDismiss: boolean

        If true then user cannot dismiss the popup and will have to click yes or no

      • noText: string

        Text for 'no' option

      • yesText: string

        Text for 'yes' option

    Returns Promise<boolean>

    True if the user confirmed, false otherwise