interface CreateEntityArguments {
    children: CreateEntityArguments[];
    components: object;
    enabled: boolean;
    name: string;
    parent: string | Entity;
    position: number[];
    resource_id: string;
    rotation: number[];
    scale: number[];
    tags: string[];


Data for child entities.

components: object

Component data. See Entity for details on component data.

enabled: boolean

Whether the Entity should be enabled.

name: string

The entity name

parent: string | Entity

The parent Entity or its resource_id. If undefined then the root Entity will be used as the parent.

position: number[]

The position of the Entity in local space.

resource_id: string

The resource_id of the Entity. Leave undefined to generate a new one.

rotation: number[]

The rotation of the Entity in local space (euler angles in degrees).

scale: number[]

The scale of the Entity in local space.

tags: string[]

Tags for the Entity.