PlayCanvas API Reference

Welcome to the PlayCanvas API Reference! This documentation provides detailed information about the classes, methods, and modules available in the PlayCanvas suite, including the PlayCanvas Engine, Editor, PCUI and Observer. Our aim is to empower developers with all the information needed to create stunning 3D applications and games using PlayCanvas.

This documentation is organized into modules that correspond to different PlayCanvas products. Each section contains detailed descriptions of classes, methods, and their respective usage.

Module Description
Engine The core engine API that powers PlayCanvas applications, providing support for graphics, physics, and more.
Editor The API for automating and enhancing the functionality of the PlayCanvas Editor.
PCUI A web front-end framework specifically tailored for creating UIs in browser-based tools.
PCUIGraph A PCUI extension providing a component for managing node-based graphs.
Observer An implementation of the observer pattern, essential for event handling and data binding in complex applications.

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We welcome contributions to PlayCanvas, including to this API reference! If you'd like to contribute or report issues, please visit the API Reference GitHub repo.

This project is licensed under the MIT License.

Thank you for choosing PlayCanvas! We're excited to see what you build. ❤️