• Creates a procedural capsule-shaped mesh.

    The size, shape and tesselation properties of the capsule can be controlled via function parameters. By default, the function will create a capsule standing vertically centered on the XZ-plane with a radius of 0.25, a height of 1.0, 1 height segment and 10 cap segments.

    Note that the capsule is created with UVs in the range of 0 to 1. Additionally, tangent information is generated into the vertex buffer of the capsule's mesh.


    • device: GraphicsDevice

      The graphics device used to manage the mesh.

    • Optional opts: {
          calculateTangents: boolean;
          height: number;
          heightSegments: number;
          radius: number;
          sides: number;
      } = {}

      An object that specifies optional inputs for the function as follows:

      • calculateTangents: boolean

        Generate tangent information (defaults to false).

      • height: number

        The length of the body of the capsule from tip to tip (defaults to 1.0).

      • heightSegments: number

        The number of divisions along the tubular length of the capsule (defaults to 1).

      • radius: number

        The radius of the tube forming the body of the capsule (defaults to 0.3).

      • sides: number

        The number of divisions around the tubular body of the capsule (defaults to 20).

    Returns Mesh

    A new cylinder-shaped mesh.